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    Thank You Atm Ghost and Thank You Tuxedo Crew



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    Thank You Atm Ghost and Thank You Tuxedo Crew

    Post  charlie101 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:08 am

    I just want to update everyone on my deal with tuxedocrew seller named ATM ghost.
    I bought 3 ATM cards which i intended to use on the ATM machine. I paid atm ghost a total of $600 ($200 per card). I waited only 24 hours and as promised the cards were here this morning via a nicely hidden compartment of an old PS3 lol! (got a free working ps3 too). Anyways i hit all the cards at 3 different atms downtown and all worked perfectly. $500 withdrawn from each card. I want to Vouch for ATM ghost and also recommend his services to the whole internet, this guy is 100% legit. Thanks for everything dude.

    His real email info is :

    Y!M :

    ICQ : 680397271

    He sells on

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