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    Merchant response codes


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    Merchant response codes

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:42 pm

    Merchant response codes

    00-Approved (Success)
    10-Approval for partial amount (Call auth. center)
    11-Approved VIP (Call auth. center)

    01-Refer to Card Issuer (Call auth. center)
    02-Refer to Card Issuer, special condition (Call auth. center)
    04-Pick up card (Pickup card, call auth center)
    05-Do not honor (Reject transaction)
    06-Error (Call auth. center)
    07-Pick up card, special condition (pickup card, call
    12-Invalid Transaction (Call auth. center)
    14-Invalid card number (Wrong card #)
    41-Lost card Pick up (Lost card - pick up, call
    43-Stolen card Pick up (Stolen card - pick up, call
    51-Not sufficient funds (not enough funds on card)
    52-No checking account (Reject)
    53-No savings account (Reject)
    54-Expired card
    57-Transaction not allowed for cardholder (Reject)
    62-Restricted card
    63-Security violation (Call auth. center)
    65-Activity count limit exceeded (Reject)
    78-No account (Call auth. center)
    80-Invalid transaction date (Call auth. center)
    91-Issuer unavailable (Issuing bank unavailable)
    93-Transaction violates law (Transaction breaks law)
    EA-Account Length Error
    EB-Wrong CC Number
    N7-CVV2 Mismatch
    03-Invalid Merchant ID (Checker Is Down)


    NO MATCH (N)-Address Street And Zip Code Is No Match
    ZIP MATCH (Z)-Zip Code Match, Address Street Not Match
    ADDRESS MATCH (A)- Address Street Match, Zip No Match
    EXACT MATCH (Y)- Street And Zip Match
    (F)-Street And Zip Match (UK CC)
    VER UNAVAILABLE (G)-AVS Is Not Supported, Not US Card
    VER UNAVAILABLE ©-AVS Is Not Supported, Not US Card
    VER UNAVAILABLE (D)-AVS Is Not Supported, Not US Card
    VER UNAVAILABLE (U)-AVS Is Not Supported


    M-CVV Match
    N-CVV No Match
    P-CVV Didn't Checked
    U-Check Of CVV Is Not Supported By Bank

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