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    Shopping Rules

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:43 pm

    10 things to avoid in instore operation
    * Makes indiscriminate purchases without regard to size, style, colour or price.

    * Is unnecessarily talkative or delays a selection repeatedly, until you are

    * Hurries you at quitting time.

    * Purchases a large item, such as a colour television console, and insists on
    taking the item rather than having it delivered.

    * Purchases an extended warranty without hesitation, even though it may be

    * Refuses clothing alterations, even though they are included in the price of the

    * Makes purchases, leaves the store, and returns to make additional

    * Does not appear to be well dressed but is purchasing expensive items.

    * Pulls the credit card out of a pocket, not a wallet

    * Doesn?t have a driver?s license or any other form of ID, or says that it?s in the

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