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    VBV Enrol lesson


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    VBV Enrol lesson

    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:51 am

    So I decided to write a little about on roll on First's example (First USA Bank) as this bank is the easiest and good for newbies.

    In a lot of USA bank is enough to know only DOB (Date of birth) and SSN (Social Secure Number). Once you've bought a CC (in our example you should find by BIN card of First USA Bank) then look up for holder's SSN (they don't need DOB) in special services (usually it costs $1-$2). Further we go to bank's site ( and in the bottom find two fields for logogng in. Look for enroll option a little below and click here. So we see two another fields:
    1. In the first we enter a number of credit card.
    2. The second is for SSN.
    Click next and now we're on the holder's verification page (stupid american system) - here we enter exp. date and CVV. If all is correct we see another fields for entering login and password. Enter it and congratulations! You have enroll now!
    So click on the link and will see a lot of letters and digits )) Main of what is written there is:

    Total Credit Limit $10,600.00 - max. amount which can be on card
    Cash Advance Limit $2,120.00 - how much could be cashed out through ATM
    Available Credit $10,533.00 - Available money
    Outstanding Balance $66.95 - How much was spent

    The main string you need is Available Credit. I'd like to warn you that there could be accounts with some cards in one. To avoid mistakes look on last digits (usually they're open for observing). To change address just look for option "Change addres" in the menu to the left. By the way mainly you should to wait for some time (differently in different banks) before using the card. So you can change the address on drop's address and go shopping! ))

    That's about mainly all. Good luck to all in job!

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