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    Loads Tutorials (Installs)

    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:19 am

    Today we’ll speak about such thing like loads as there are a lot of topics where people post “Have trojan, host, partner with loads needed”. If you really decided to work with it this article I think will bring some information.
    So what we need:

    1. Good abuse hosting on linux\unix platform.(you’ll pay for about $200 and more, it’s better don’t take servers in USA)
    2. Good exploit pack with updates and support and crypt.
    3. Trafic.
    4. Convinient TDS (Traffic Direction System).
    5. Loader.

    So I think it’s enough with the first thing. Let’s see another more.

    2. Exploits. I think no need to answer question “what is it?. It’s possible to buy now exploit pack but I think it’s not actual to do it. Almost all packs are made of rewrited and optimized for more loads public exploits (rds, xml, rdac). You can modify them by yourself if you know c++/asm good. Or you can pay to coder a some thousands dollars for finding private bag and you’ll have good pack. And if you work with big amount of users you need a statistic bar for it.

    3. Traffic. For example you need to make 30k loads per day. For counting needed traffic you must know % of installs of your sploit pack. For stable test you need for about 10k of traffic. So load these 10k and see how much installs you have. If you have for example 2000 installs – you have 20%. So if you need 30k installs per day you must have 150k visitors.

    4. TDS. If you work with a lot of countries you need good system for controlling the process. For example simple TDS. You create in admin CP schemes and gave to each personal identification and the link. For each scheme you modify outs – links where traffic will be redirected to.

    5. Loader. Loader is very convenient thing. It’s invisible for AV or firewalls (ask sellers about it) you can load some files at the same time. Also you can modify prices – for example make it lower and tell to client that you’ll load another soft with his soft.

    So that’s about all. Of course it’s very common and have a lot of different difficulties – you’ll know it in future ;-)

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