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    [TUT] Amazon

    Post  Admin on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:31 am

    Im sharing 2 ways of carding GC's from Amazon with you guys.

    Here's the first way:

    What you will need:
    * Cvv2 with Address* Full Name* Phone* Zip* State
    * 1 Socks (4/5) in the same state as the cardholder(sock should be unused and never used to create an amazon account before)
    * VMware or a deepfreezed operating system(unless you know how to clean flash cookies and whatnot)

    * Spoofcard

    Using your sock* go to amazon and create a new account.
    Now start acting like a normal buyer* create a wish-list* log out and log in a couple times. Your goal is to look like a normal customer.
    Before you buy your goods* create a big wish-list* but don't fill it with expensive items or other high fraud items.
    Now link your card to your account and save your billing details to your account.
    Now select a gift-card and choose some random design(make it look like you care what the card looks like* dont go with the default design. Also; put a message and fill in the To and From subjects).
    When you order make sure the cards value is under 200. I usually go with 125 for the first card.
    So finish your order up and log out. Wait about 5 minutes then log back in and write up a letter to customer service or If you have a spoofcard* you can call customer service.
    You goal is to try to speed up your order. The faster it moves through processing the less they will look at it.
    So I usually say something like this:

    Regarding my order* my son is back home on break from college* and his plane leaves tonight and I want to send home back to school with a smile on his face. So I am wondering if there was anything I can do to speed up the processing of my order."

    Depending on what time it is* you should receive a response very quickly. They will say something like "I'll look over your order right now" or they will simply approve it.

    Using a spoofcard to talk to support is by far the best thing you can do. Its very personal and VERY convincing. But they may ask you about your location* name..etc So make sure you reviewed who's identity your using. This is more social engineering than anything else* But If your profile says your 60 years old* try to talk slow and sound like a 60 year old. Its all common sense* you should figure it out.

    If they request to call you for verification* Just hope the real person doesn't pickup the phone and decline the order. When they say 'We could not get a hold of you for verification..blah blah blah' Just shoot them back an email saying something like* "I received your phone call and answered* but all i could hear was static. My phone service has limited minutes so the phone call is very inconvenient for me. But if you gave me a number to call* I can call you back from my work." This will usually pass you on the phone verification thing. Just express how inconvenient it is for you* and that you willing to call in from a different number(If you have a spoofcard).

    Second Way:
    Create an account just like I said above.
    BUT* instead of ordering a gift-card* order something really cheap* something under $2-4* your goal is to order something so cheap that the cardholder wont notice. Now once your order has gone through wait for it to be shipped. Once shipped* your account becomes 'credited'* which simply means that you successfully ordered something to the billing address. This makes your look less suspicious when you go to order something like a gift-card(which is a high fraud item).

    If you order from amazon* It may take acouple days for your package to be shipped. It's better to order something from a seller* you will get your package shipped faster and a single seller has alot less control thank Amazon.

    USPS Is preferred for shipping* Once shipped; the package cannot be called back and I've never had USPS ask me for a signature.

    FedEX will accept a note left on the door with a signature.
    UPS is more strict and depending on the driver* they may request an In-Person signature.

    You can expect packages worth $500 or more to require a signature.

    Private sellers will often ship with USPS If you nag them enough for it. & work together* So if your drop is burned on* you can expect Amazon to deny your shipment.

    When leaving a note* Explain why its impossible for you to sign the package* also mention that you need the package(You can say it's your contacts or medicine for your dog* Getting the drivers sympathy will help you get your package) And make sure your sign the note with an good looking signature.

    Things to keep in mind:
    Aged accounts look less suspicious.

    Phishing account + Fulls + Email is also a very good idea* since you can charge the account and send it to the registered email. So if your using Zeus* I would try to grab some amazon accounts from your logs.

    If you feel like your order is not going to go through* write a email to customer support. REMEMBER: You are the cardholder* you are spending YOUR money and you want what your spent your money on.

    Never use the same Socks to create a new account.

    Clean your computer* Flash cookies* MAC address* everything.

    Play the part. Be realistic* no one is going to sign-up and 5 minutes later spend $300 on a gift-card.

    Amazon will cancel your order and block your account if you do something obviously fraudulent.

    Amazon has been pretty safe for me* I've shipped to my house several times without worry. I would still recommend a drop.

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