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    Welcome to Karder Forum

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:58 am

    Hello People,

    I would like to welcome you personally to the Karder Forum.
    This forum and all Karder forums have been created to simply make us all more richer including you and us.
    Here we cut out all the beginner and newbies nonsense, and we start at the more serious side of business including -

    - cashing out data
    - making succesfull teams of cashiers
    - connecting sellers and buyers through admin moderated ESCROW
    - sharing insight of new and accessible techniques in the world of dumps,cvv,banking and spamming.

    Any problems and disputes must be forwarded over to me, and it will be settled.
    Thats my pledge as admininstrator and owner responsible for every member.


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