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    ATM Hacking Tutorial


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    ATM Hacking Tutorial

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:34 pm


    “ENTER PASSWORD” will be displayed. Enter
    Master, Service or Operator Password.
    Master =555555
    Service = 222222
    Operator = 111111

    #1- To access the Operator Function menu, hold the <Cancel>, <Clear> and <Enter>
    keys simultaneously for 2 seconds, release them and press 1, then press 2, then
    press 3. The timing of this procedure can be difficult at first.
    Note: The Operator Function menu can only be accessed when the machine is either
    in service (“swipe your card” screen) or out of service. If the machine is attempting
    to connect the host or initializing, you will not be able to use the key commands to
    access the Operator Function Menu.
    If you have trouble accessing the Operator Menu, power off the ATM and then either
    open the vault door or remove the paper from the printer and power back on. This
    will force the ATM to the Operator Menu.

    2- Once you successfully completed the key
    combination, you will be prompted to enter a
    password. There are 3 options for passwords.
    · Operator Password (allows access to basic
    menu structure)
    · Service Password (allows access to basic
    and diagnostic menus)
    · Master Password (allows access to all
    menus including setup parameters)
    Passwords are very important to maintaining
    security for your ATM. Your
    dealer/distributor will provide you with
    default password information.

    3- left is the complete Operator
    Function menu, depending on which
    password you entered (operators, service,
    master) you may not see certain functions.
    For example, if you use an operator password
    you will not see the Host Setup button, as
    you will not have access to that menu.
    good luck.

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