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    All About cashing

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:07 am

    In this article I would like to point out some of the working at the present time means of making money and laundering the earnings.

    First of all what could you make money on? There are a many topics written that newbie can read, although most of the schemes described are non-working or very difficult to realize. The main schemes are:

    - Adult
    - Casino / Totalizator
    - Auctions

    Basically, many articles were written about it. In this article I am going to sum up the schemes and talk about the last stage of carding - what to do with those sums that you managed to make using ways mentioned above, to be exact v how to get cold hard cash in the palm of your hand.

    Let's start with auctions.

    I will not be talking about making sellers accounts or where to get them - I personally do not sell them so if you are interested in that, search the forum. I will only talk about several characteristics of working with accounts - i.e. what exactly you should do in order for the funds to reach the person that will turn them into cash and eventually get the cash to you.

    The first, and important factor of success is the amount of positive feedbacks (responses) on seller-s account, which is the one you-ll be using. When the person searches through the auctions for the merchandize to purchase he pays attention to sellers feedbacks or the lack there of. More feedbacks translate into more trust from your potential buyer.

    Do not overlook that after the winner is determined on your lot, you will have to communicate with the buyer by the means of e-mail, therefore you will need to use good English v otherwise the unnecessary suspicions might come into play.

    On well-known online auction site eBay there is a list of some goods that are not allowed to be put up for the auction, as for the rest, anything goes from socks up to washing machines.

    Now about cashing. The most effective way of getting money out of the auctions - are and always were checks. More precisely, not just any checks, but Money Orders and Cashier Checks. I will explain why:

    - Why not wire transfer? The account used for wire will have a really short life span, nervous buyers have a habit of checking when and where did their money go. Keep in mind that they will not wait for too long so you are risking that the deal will go sour in the very end and you will not be able to collect.

    - Why not Personal Check? Because, after sending personal check to your drop, the buyer and authorities can easily track and subsequently stop the payment. Same applies to different escrow services like BidPay.

    - Money Orders and Cashier Checks v are not checks payable to a named person, but those that you can buy at your local post office or the bank. Those only contain personal information if the buyer decided to put it there. Postal Money Orders, in particular are impossible to stop payment on.

    So now we-ve discussed the best ways of getting the money out of the auctions. Keep in mind one nuance: try to ?work? on the buyer who has won your auction so that he stays calm as long as possible about the validity of the deal. It-s in your interests: The longer your buyer remains assured of receiving the merchandize, the longer your drop that receives checks lives, and therefore you?ll be able to make more money.

    One more thing that is also very important to keep in mind: Make sure that the buyer is physically as far away as possible from your drop - quite often there are such heroes that come to the address where they sent the check, demanding their goods or money.

    Now we shall proceed to on-line gambling and making money on that.

    Everyone is familiar with the basic technique. The majority of schemes that are connected in one way or the other with working in casinos are discussed on the CarderPlanet. I will talk only about some aspects concerned with the final (the most important and crucial) stage - with cashing.

    After a massive attack of carders on a casino that were processed by MicroGaming (MG), they have ceased to send prizes on ACH as this kind of money transfer meant the name of the owner on the account assigned is not checked. That basically means, the casinos from MG are hardly interesting anymore, because the money withdrawal process has gotten to be quite complicated.

    So v does that mean that casino theme has died? Not at all v There are other casinos that are served by different processing companies - for example, EFS. If you dedicate some time on searching the net you are sure to find something

    Before working with any casino make sure not to overlook reading their policies. Find out ways of a withdrawal.

    After the certain sum of money was won, the initial deposit must be returned on a card. That assures that no one get nervous neither the card owner nor a casino. And everyone, including you, will remain pleased.

    Further all is clear - go to reliable cashier for drop or the account, agree about interest and send transfer or the check - depending on a method that this casino uses.

    Further - adult (porn-sites).

    I?d like to emphasize yet again that quite a lot was written and discussed on this subject. Don-t be lazy and look in archives. A huge amount of information!


    1. Create a site or order one from good web designer whom you-ll find on the Planet. A well-made, professional site will improve your odds.

    2. Fill it with the content.

    3. Connect to billing of your choice that pays often.

    4. Make or buy traffic and start to input the card numbers.

    During this process pay special attention to changing your proxy servers. Each new card must be linked to a different e-mail address. Do not overlook your system setting especially the language.

    On the present day (July, 13, 2002), these are the main schemes in carding that are connected with cashing. There is also a merchandize carding, working with your own merchants, and working with real plastic - but these subjects demand considerable experience so I would not advise beginners to start with them, nor they are connected with cashing, nuances of which were discussed in this article.

    And, in conclusion, little about cashing and cashiers.

    Work only with professional and well-checked cashiers. Ideal choice - verified people. The beginner or not a well-known cashier, even though he might not be a fake, can simple lack professionalism in this subject (and believe me - in the work of cashier there is such heap of hidden dangers!)

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