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    Online Casinos Explained

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:09 am

    This article is written exclusively for the beginners and cannot be considered as a ideal description of earning money from online casinos
    1. Selecting a Casino (finding a poker site)
    I would advise beginners to start by searching poker websites. You will become an expert by typing in the following phrases such as Poker, Casino, Slot or Texas hold ‘em on search engines such as Google, Yahoo.
    When you finally complete your search, compile a list of online casinos and start by examining them all. You will need to first register accounts on the online casinos that you have chosen from your search. Enter any registration data and then proceed to the category, Deposit/Withdrawal. Here we can see which types of money can be deposited and withdrawn on this specific casino site. It is important to focus on the credit card deposit, fortunately almost every online casino this type of depositing money. The reason for online casinos accepting credit cards as a method of depositing money is simple; it is convenient, easy and is well saturated because of the high usage of credit/debit cards. Take a look at the method of withdrawing money. The most popular methods will be Money Bookers, Click2pay, Neteller, Credit Card and a few other payment accounts and systems. Webmoney is the least used system of money withdrawal, try to guess why )
    So, when you have chosen an online casino we will continue our guide with all the mentioned above parameters. Now we are interested in the limits on the first deposit. The bigger the limit is, the better for us. Still, I would not advise you on starting to work with online casinos such as Go Play of the B2B net, because here the limit of the first deposit will it reach the maximum at 20 dollars. Usually almost all casinos have high limit, which exceed that sum that we will deposit. I would like to note that anti-fraud policies of the online casino affects all the rooms on this site – which means that if one of the room blocks you from depositing or withdrawing money or asks you for scans or calls you, it is better to leave this online casino, as it will make life difficult.

    2. Depositing (Depositing using cvv)
    Remember that you will probably not be able to use American cards on your online casino that you have selected, because Americans are prohibited from gambling online. However an alternative solution is to buy EU cc or one from the UK, although cards from Italy, France or Germany are the best to use. When you have got you valid cc – we can definitely get started.
    We should follow the standard registration procedure. Enter in all the cardholder’s information. After you have entered in one valid e-mail addresses, you will receive a email link to verify this online casino account, once you have clicked the link in the email, you have completed the e-mail verification and will have completed registration. If you have not logged in to the account now is the time to login. We are interested in the balance growth. Click on the methods of deposit and in our case, the method is credit card. Copy all the data and enter it into the correct text fields. Usually the page will ask you to enter the CC number, First and Last name, Card expiry date and CVV code, which is the last 3 digits on the back of a credit card (if its Visa or MasterCard. It will ask you to enter the amount you wish to deposit. (I Strongly recommend you on setting the amount within the range of 200-700 dollars, depending on the online casino and card type). One important thing – Remember to set the card’s type, If it is a Visa then the CC number will begin with a 4 or 6, if it is a MasterCard it will start with a 5.
    Click on the Submit button and wait until the data processing is complete. If the deposit was not successful, you should not get upset – everything comes with experience. There could be several reasons as to why this has happened: either the bank did not authorize this transaction, the card has exceeded the limit for that day or that the card does not have enough funds. Alternatively the site may not allow the cc processing of a particular bank. After a short period of time you will make your own BIN-base of the cards that you can deposit successfully. So let’s move on to the next point.
    3. Losing to the other person
    Here we have reached the important point, in my opinion. There are two parts of a deposit.
    a. Lose
    The idea is to lose the money in this account to your partners. your partner should have a clear account on this online casino. On this account a deposit should be made, and on this account all the money won will be added. You choose one room in the poker site and start the game. It will most probably be the Texas hold ‘em poker game.
    I will describe the game rules in another topic. I have experience playing poker this is why I am planning to write up articles on the game nuances.
    During the game you should realistically lose your staked money. You know your opponents cards and on your mutual decision you make a stake or pass – as a result of it on the river you should have a winning combination, you hand should be really strong respectfully to the strength of the combination of your partner. The possibility of bluff is not excluded too. For example if you hand is a little weaker in this case you have a pair of JJ and you opponent has a pair of QQ 0 in this case if you make bet/raise (stake the sum or raise it) on the sum of ? of your bank or higher till the stake ‘all in’ a stake for all the dibs) you will get a pot (bank). Naturally all the game goes according to the wishes and desires of your partner, there should be harmony in your actions in order to escape unneeded situations.
    I will not get into the details of the game’s nuances when there are other people playing in the same room, I will just describe shortly one of the main and important tactics. You and your opponent take seats close to each other. Somebody among you both (it will be better if its yourself – because It is easier to lose somebody’s money) regularly and aggressively lays and stakes his money on the preflop – the first step of the game, it is there when the cards should be divided among the players in a clockwise fashion, starting from the player called BigBlaind). Doing this he sorts or even makes people discard their cards. The bid sum should not be very small or very big. I think that it will be convenient to make a first bid of the sum of 10BB. Still everything depends on the style of playing of the other player, on their general amount and on the cards you have.
    That’s all; I have already described a first method…then we will take a closer look to each of them.
    B) Go on playing
    This method requires professionalism and special knowledge of the game itself, and it will not be convenient for the beginners.
    The sense is to win the game-actually; this aim has every player of the room. When you have already won some certain sum of money you make a withdrawal on the card you have previously made a deposit on, you set the same amount of money you had at the beginning of your game. One problem can arise – every Casino asks you to make the first withdrawal to the same place (card or some system) where you had your first deposit. Moreover the sum of money withdrawed should be equal to those of the deposit. The rest of the money, won by you, can be transferred to other systems by every possible means.
    Here probably you will have a question, why should not I play honestly and win the money, if I can simply use my own budget and then be free to choose the way of its withdrawal escaping other impediments? It is not so pitifully – to lose somebody’s money and not your own. Having lost all the deposit you will lose your maximum – your time and material, which costs lower and much lower than the previous option Benefit is obvious here.

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