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    Poker manual. Part1 – carding


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    Poker manual. Part1 – carding

    Post  Admin on Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:13 am

    Best: ES, FR, DE, AU, IT, FI. (possible deposit withdraw, acceptance of lots of bins)
    Where can be problems: US, CA, UK. ( USA and CA don’t accept gambling money, UK cards are dying quick and can have too little balance or SMS-alerts);
    Some rooms which accept USA CC:
    SportsBook Poker
    PlayersOnly Poker
    Carbon Poker
    Poker Stars
    Bodog Poker
    Only Poker
    Super Book Poker
    Full Tilt
    And etc.

    Accept the room your USA CC or don’t depends of BIN, more exactly – from the bank. USA is only for beginners and for “loosing”.
    Europe is better because you can use any data instead of holder’s name, address etc. All you need are card number, exp and cvv. Ipoker’s rooms check any information before sending to merchant. It’s often helps to contact with support.
    Always check on valid your card before carding. -> New…
    If you see that limit in the room is less than $600 – better look for another room of this poker net. It’s possible that you’ll find the room with bigger limit.
    If your account is automatically locked after you’ve made the deposit – use payment systems. You can card any payment system where uses CC for uploading funds. I advise you to use moneybookers. It still cards good. Either directly from CC or through merchant (you’ll have to accept SMS in the appropriate country or use the card with VBV or MCSC – in this way you don’t have to accept SMS)
    Also there are some exotic systems for carding like clickandbuy etc. but it’s not for public. Payment systems are ALWAYS better for “loosing”. But there’re not good for cashing out.
    What to do after money are deposited? – Read in the next article. Fraud inside the room

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