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    How to Bypass Paypal Security Measures


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    How to Bypass Paypal Security Measures

    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:07 am

    This gets asked alot, I do believe this still works and hope this helps you in anyway, if this tut is crap/useless/dont work, ill close it

    Step One:

    Go to your browser open

    Step Two: Type in the login information for your paypal account you will be using for teh bypass.

    Step Three: Kay when your logged in and you get that shitty paypal security message all you do is click ""help" or "security center." They both work usually, sometimes one doesn't work and one does. If one dont work log out and try agian

    Step Four: Do not click "My account" or anything else. Only navigate to "send money" or "request money."

    Step Five
    You're now in the account. Do not send money to your personal account. It will work, but it will cause both paypals to be limited.(Like I said before this account was for show purposes only and was intended to be limited.)

    Hope it works ^^.

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